Brad Downey

Brad Downey is one of the world’s foremost independent public artists. Working at the border of both conceptual and graffiti art, Downey is consistently challenging the meaning of both these practices; he uses his conceptual grounding to challenge the ideas of graffiti whilst using his independent, graffiti influenced spirit to challenge that of the conceptual.

The interrogation of his environment is central to Downey’s oeuvre, whether this be that of the street or the institution. His work humorously and critically challenges viewers to question the customs and conventions of these spaces, initiating discussion about how exactly we should deal with the rules and regulations which have become so embedded within our daily lives. Consistently finding new ways to provoke and explore, and as adept in the gallery as the public sphere, Downey is a key actor within the Intermural Art scene, pushing the aesthetic and conceptual dimensions of graffiti and contemporary art alike.