Filippo Minelli

The Brescia-born Filippo Minelli has developed a penchant for making audiences think through striking and revelatory work. From the much celebrated ‘Silence/Shapes’ to ‘Contradictions’, Minelli’s artistic journey has been characterised by a continuous engagement with dualisms such as ‘speech’ and ‘silence’, often using simple texts and images to convey highly politicised and nuanced themes.

Activism remains at the heart of Minelli’s efforts and perhaps one of the most alluring aspects of his work lies in its eagerness to engage within a global context. China, Mali, and the West Bank, among others, have all played host to Minelli’s witty explorations in what seems to be an active desire on his part to engage with audiences and key narratives all over the world.

Minelli has shown at the Venice Biennale, Somerset House, and other renowned spaces throughout the world. He has forthcoming solo exhibitions in 2016 at Colette in Paris as well as in Cologne and Munich.