Antwan Horfée is currently the world’s most challenging and game changing artist. As part of Paris’s PAL (Peace And Love) Crew, he has created a paradigm shift within the graffiti world today. Alongside his prolific practices however, Horfée is an outstanding contemporary artist. An alumni of the renowned Fine Art School of Paris, he has developed a penchant for utilising popular, well known images and re-appropriating them in a characteristically spontaneous and wild fashion. Often devilishly warped and abstracted, Horfée’s works draw a huge inspiration from early 20th Century cartoons – and also manage to retain the anarchic spirit they often contained. His work on the streets, instantly recognisable for its messy, gooey nature, has transitioned perfectly into the gallery in recent years where solo shows in London and New York have shown Horfee’s ability to retain his wild, unbridled aesthetic within the gallery environment.