With a style self-proclaimed as “melancholy Walt Disney”, the Danish artist Huskmitnavn (translation: Remember My Name) has been a postman, a cleaning assistant and a helper in a retirement home. Yet an obsession with drawing from a young age led him to the art world where he eventually began training as an art teacher. This
proved monumental in the development of his artistic skill and style.

Having produced over 500 editorial cartoons for Denmark’s most widely read newspaper, Politiken, he became notable for his use of perpetually novel, yet instantly recognisable characters which have proved to be witty mediums for commenting on the absurdities of everyday life. The last few years have seen him turn towards sculptural work and larger-scale murals as part of a tireless drive and urge to keep creating quality work which always retain a humorous, light-hearted sensibility.

Showing regularly at both V1 and Alice Gallery, Huskmitnavn is a key figure within the post-graffiti, Intermural Art scene.