Les Frères Ripoulain

Since meeting in 1998 at the University of Fine Arts in Rennes, David Renault & Mathieu Tremblin have formed a partnership which seeks to use graffiti as a means to addressing issues such as “vandalism and anonymity, space and solitude, silence and invisibility, strangeness and secrecy”. Central to their oeuvre is a desire to better understand the relationship between aesthetics and urbanity – the artefact and the environment – often exploring these two themes in a reflexive manner.

Les Frères Ripoulain are thus set not simply on creating art, but rather to create, experiment and practice on and within an urban environment, using graffiti as a filter for life and the city. In their own words, and in homage to French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou, ‘graffiti is what makes the city more interesting than graffiti’!