Misha Hollenbach

Misha Hollenbach’s practice explores methods of merging contemporary culture with a primal urge to create/decorate/ demonstrate. Drawing from the legacy of Dadaism, Hollenbach is compelled to exercise temporal lobe workouts. More recently his work has been concerned with a direct channeling of energy, explored and investigated through ‘action’, both painting, mark making, and automatic sculpture and random collage. Hollenbach has also recently been exploring ‘negative space’ & a self-censoring ofimages, existing (found) material is obliterated, rendered black, resulting in new works.

Hollenbach also works as one half of the fashion/art/design label and publisher Perks And Mini (PAM). He is currently on residency at the Galerie Lafayette Anticipation in Paris.

Hollenbach graduated from a BFA (Painting) at RMIT in 1991, after a number of years of exhibiting collaboratively he embarked on a solo career as an artist in 2010.