Nano 4814

An elusive artist with an outstanding multidisciplinary ability, Nano4814’s creative output manifests itself in anything and everything: street signs, paintings, sculptures, murals, tags…the list goes on. Nano’s affiliation with the street arose initially out of a fascination for skateboarding and particularly the aesthetics of the culture surrounding it. Posters by Cost and Revs, early images by Twist (Barry McGee) and Obey (Shepard Fairey), as well as the early Slap magazines; these influences provoked an interest in the urban environment and soon Nano began experimenting with traditional graffiti aesthetics, eventually leading him to art school to hone his skills.

In 1998 we were introduced to the now iconic ink-spurting squid, el choquito, and since then Nano has moved seamlessly into new forms and mediums. His City-Lights projects is perhaps one of the most important in his career, as Nano took to reclaiming disused, light box signs, before refurbishing them and printing images and unusual poetic images on them. He has taken the project globally with Vigo, Madrid, Berlin and London all playing host to his efforts. More recently, his large-scale murals perfectly demonstrate the strangely discomforting and surreal, yet visually arresting style which we can instantly recognise as Nano’s own.