One of the UK’s most respected and innovative graffiti writers, Petro is an artist who has been trying to find “solutions to letters and typefaces” since 1984. Pioneering a loose, “bugged-out” graffiti practice whilst based in London in the 1990s, this style has not only been frequently emulated but has earned him respect within the most esteemed of graffiti circles. Driven by a desire to investigate and understand form, Petro has gradually transitioned from the street into the gallery, adopting a tireless work ethic which has seen him produce shows almost every three months for the last three years. Visitors to these shows have been witness to an eclectic array of productions; from go-karts to crazy golf courses, from thousands of paper planes to printing with local street food delicacies. What becomes apparent (apart from his Ralph Lauren obsession) is that Petro aims to recapture the essence of youth yet give it a more contemporary perspective. Constantly refusing to take the easy route to success, and instead opting for a struggle which he sees as essential to finding the perfect solution, Petro has created a consistent flow of “conceptually artless art”. It is a practice that transcends mere technique, evolving from an unending process of experiment, entertainment and excess.