Arguably one of contemporary graffiti’s most influential exponents worldwide, Revok is a highly esteemed member of a community which he has fought to defend for decades. Known for his stylistic writing, Revok has sought to use his art as a means of illuminating the deep-seated aporias evident in anti-graffiti discourse. In his own words, the war on graffiti is a war on thought, as authorities aim to prevent people from thinking that ‘graffiti is something valuable or that the people responsible for doing it are legitimate artists’. Revok’s continued output aims to refute this, instead showing graffiti to be a symbol of power and beauty.

In the last two years, Revok has begun a new fine-art practice, profoundly influenced by his graffiti past but utilising a new mode of expression. Working with cut and patterned wood, this new style of work has already begun to make waves: his intricate and developed graffiti styles now moving into a new medium whilst retaining its artisanal, folk-art roots.