Russell Maurice

Born in 1975, Russell Maurice (also known for his Gasius clothing brand), is an artist, designer and curator most well known as the chief catalyst of the recent Comic Abstraction movement. Incorporating other key artists such as Horfee and Ken Sortais, Daniel Sparkes and Lucas Dillon, Comic Abstraction takes its chief cues from early 20th Century graphic art such as Disney, intermixing it with a skewed, often surreal and psychedelic edge. Maurice’s work is at the forefront of this arena, a marvellous combination of the sublime and ridiculous, bold, literally comic designs mixed with a thoughtful, often sorrowful edge.Maurice’s early works were more rooted in his particular brand of romanticism, often exploring the themes of energy, growth patterns, shape, diversity and cycles in the natural world. The central focus of these works was the relationship between modern society and nature. As his work progressed however they began to take on a more metaphysical edge, particularly exploring the spirit world, concepts of ghosting and theories on the after life. Alchemy is also key to his work, where Maurice uses its technique of conveying information in a method that hides the answer, adding to the already present ambiguity.

Maurice has had recent solo exhibitions in 2014 and 2015 in Barcelona and London. In Tokyo, he was part of a three man show in Tokyo with local legends Hiroshi Iguchi and Kensei Yabuno in November 2015, as well as a very recent two-man show with Petro entitled ‘Silver Spaghetti’.