Sixe Paredes

At the forefront of Barcelona’s street art scene is Sixe Paredes, whose self-proclaimed style of ‘primitive futurism’ uses its own language and symbols to explore the primordial: exemplified through animal life, ancestors and adolescents.
Learning and perfecting his craft on the streets, Sixe’s surreal, vivid and playful works demonstrate a warped and uninhibited aesthetic which draws inspiration directly from the natural world and the architecture of the city. Whilst his early works focussed on the darker side of modern day culture, Sixe has recently developed an interest in ancient cultures and primitive art, in particular the ways in which they can be related to graffiti and street art. In conjunction with this has been an engagement with geometric and textual elements, what Sixe calls ‘circuits’. The blending of these different styles and elements provides Sixe Paredes with a unique aesthetic which seems to provide perfect sanctuary to simplicity and complexity, harmony and tension. Sixe was one of the six artists who painted the facade of the Tate Modern in 2008 for the groundbreaking Street Art exhibition. He regularly shows at Alice Gallery in Brussels as well as other high profile galleries around the world.