Mapping the City

‘If you look at your city from a different angle, you start loving it in a new way. You realise that the city is not only about the obvious. Its about the things our of our regular focus, usually somewhere on top or in a corner, somewhere hiding in plain sight’ Honet, 2012

Mapping the City unlocks this insightful perspective, providing an ‘insider’ view of the city and disclosing the secrets every landscape contains.Challenging normative conceptions of the urban space, the exhibition stimulates the geographic awareness of each viewer

Graffiti and street artists have an intimate relationship with the city. Through producing their work on this living canvas, inhabiting the streets and evading authorities, they come to understand and engage with the urban landscape in unique ways – through subjective surveying rather than objective ordinance.

Mapping the City presents a series of cartographic representations by 50 selected artists of their chosen cities. Ranging from literal to highly metaphoric depictions, from the figurative to the abstract, each map is an individual response to the way these artists experience and interpret the places that they know so well.


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