Silver Sehnsucht

Group Exhibition
The Silver Building

30.09.17 – 08.10.17



Sometimes you can be nostalgic for what is yet to come. A strange feeling of longing for a future yet unknown.

Sometimes a space can do this, a space laden with time, a space filled with the past that is moving fast towards a future. A space inhabiting multiple temporalities, multiple tenses.

Silver Sehnsucht will critically reflect on both the odd merging of past, present and future that the German word Sehnsucht connotes, as well as the ways these are reflected in the surrounding area of Silvertown itself.

It will explore the bittersweet feeling which emerges from the increasing speed of contemporary world, the feeling of loss for something unknown in the anxious process of ushering in something new.

Curated by Mara-Johanna Kölmel, Silvana Lagos and Rafael Schacter


Silver Sehnsucht
at the Silver Building
Open 30th September to 8th October 2017
(excluding 2nd / 3rd October)
11am – 6pm or by appointment
Free Entry

The Silver Building
Dock Road – E16 2AB

Closest stations: Royal Victoria (5 min) and
West Silvertown (3 min)

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Images @mr.plala
Video+concept @jhenyfy_muller
video graphics @maurobonillo

Private View &
Launch Party

Saturday 30th September @ 7 pm – late (Free)

Join us for the private view and launch party of Silver Sehnsucht, presented by NTS Radio. Featuring NTS resident DJ sets from Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey, designer, producer and London legend Trevor Jackson, alongside Rory Bowens and Latete Atoto, the night will also include a new performance by one of the exhibition’s featured artists Rosana Antoli.
RSVP here.


Sunday 1st October @ 3 pm (Free)

Tour of Silver Sehnsucht with curators Mara-Johanna Kolmel, Silvana Lagos and Rafael Schacter. RSVP here.

Saturday 7th October @ 3 pm (Free)

Panel discussion “EYESORE Talks: London in limbo?” presented by EYESORE with Rut Blees de Luxemburg, Focus E15, and Phineas Harper, chaired by Matthew Beaumont. RSVP here.

Saturday 7th October @ 7 pm – 12 am (Ticketed)

EYESORE Magazine launch Issue 3. DJ sets by John Swing and Houseplants. RSVP here.

Sunday 8th October @ 3 pm (Free)

Special performance by Matterlurgy (Helena Hunter & Mark Peter Wright) and tour of Silver Sehnsucht with curators Mara Kolmel, Silvana Lagos and Rafael Schacter). RSVP here.


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