Venturing Beyond

To “venture beyond” is to take a risk for something more. It can be an attempt to physically breach a space, or a desire to form a new way of thinking about the world; it contains the promise of the possible.

“Thinking means venturing beyond”

Ernst Bloch, 1959

Graffiti not only compels its practitioners to transcend architectural as much as aesthetic boundaries, legal as much as visual limitations, but also incites them to form new ways of thinking and acting in the world, venturing beyond the well-worn systems of society. This exhibition presents new artworks that address this – the fundamentally utopian nature of graffiti.

The works presented here examine concepts such as community and adventure, the passions and emotions graffiti engenders and the visual boundaries it exceeds. Each explores the way it breaks new ground and forges new possibilities. The way it challenges social, legal and aesthetic norms and the ways in which it strives to create a utopia not as a future ideal, but a practice set within the everyday realm of the street.

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